Here is a list of organisms and hospitals for wich you can make an online donation. To be done, you only have to

click on the name of the organism in question and a new window will appear.


Of course, there are many more fondations that we did not listed here. If you do not find the one you are

looking for or if you are not comfortable doing it online, do not hesitate to ask for a donation form on your next

visit at the funeral home. 


Organisms and fondations

Montreal Heart Institute Fondation

Heart and Stroke Fondation of Canada

Canadian Cancer Society


Children's Dream

Alzheimer Society of Canada

Parkinson Quebec

Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada


Diabetes Quebec

The Lung Association Quebec

Kateri Memorial Foundation


Hospitals and Palliative Care Houses:

Ste-Justine Hospital, Montréal

Charles-Lemoyne Hospital, Greenfield Park

Anna-Laberge Hospital, Chateauguay

Palliative Care House La Source Bleue, Boucherville

La maison Victor Gadbois, St-Mathieu-de-Beloeil

Les choses enracinées dans l’amour ne sont jamais perdues, car elle sont éternelles - Annelou Dupuis.

Head Office

180, Saint-Pierre
St-Constant (Qc)
J5A 2G9


58, rue Perras
Saint-Rémi (Qc)

Poissant & Deer

rue Malone
Kahnawake (Qc)

Contact us

Phone : 450 632-1515
Fax : 450 632-9391
e-mail : 


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