The idea is to die young as late as possible.

~ Ashley Montagu

Services offered

All counsellors of Poissant & Fils Ltée will be in position to support you along the necessary steps surrounding the death, in particular concerning :

  • Transportation of the deceased;
  • Planning of the funeral;
  • Preparation of the body: i.e. burial or cremation;
  • Choice of a coffin or an urn;
  • Notice of death in papers;
  • The cards and commemorative articles such as bookmarks, candles, photography, etc.;
  • Choice of the monuments and engraving on such;
  • The columbarium;
  • The liturgy in the chapel;
  • The lunch following the funerals and the caterer service;
  • The In-memoriam donations (foundation, society, etc.);
  • The necessary steps with governmental departments, such as RRQ, SAAQ, federal pension, cancellation of SIN and numerous authorisations.
Preliminary contract for funeral arrangements

If you wish to organise your own funerals or your loved one's, it is possible to subscribe to a preliminary contract for these. This way, yours or your loved one's last will, will be legally written in a contract making it easier for the funeral organisation and based on the respect of the dead ones. When paying theses services, the prices will be frozen, avoiding paying additional amount at the time of death.

We make a commitment to respect the religious beliefs and everybody's rituals, customs and convictions, as permitted by the law.

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